Unlike the ConISO® which is based on an ISO-standardised sea freight container with a limited opportunity to create open floor plans, the ModISO® is manufactured entirely according to the unique space requirements of the project. Exterior dimensions can correspond 100 % to an ISO-standardised sea freight container but the outer dimensions can also deviate from the ISO standard 668 and be completely freely adapted in length, width and height to meet the unique needs of the project. As standard, the load-bearing structure is made from galvanised steel sheet (Z275) but can also be made from steel sheet Magnelis® for extra-high corrosion resistance (C5), stainless, acid-resistant stainless steel or aluminium. The load-bearing structure is welded onto a light and strong construction. ModISO® was developed in 2018 and is basically a further development of our proven modular building solution ModCon®.

Load-bearing structure 4,0 mm (std)

Galvanised steel/Z275

Load-bearing structure (opt)

Stainless steel EN 1.4301

Load-bearing structure (opt)

Acid-resistant Stainless steel EN 1.4404

Maximum weight incl. equipment (std)

Approx. 32 tonnes

Maximum weight incl. equipment (opt)

> 32 tonnes

Maximum length

Approx. 18,0 – 19,0 m

Maximum width

Approx. 3,5 – 4,0 m

Maximum height

Approx. 4,2 – 4,5 m

Ambient air environment, ISO 12944

C2 to C5

Durability air environment, ISO 12944

M to VH

Fire-resistance class, EN 13501 (std = I → O)

EI 90/REI 90

Fire-resistance class, EN 13501 (opt)


Ingress protection class, EN 60529

up to IP 55

Construction standard


Electric standard (std)

IEC, 50/60 Hz

Electric standard (opt)