Our volume product which can also be mass-produced and, if necessary, delivered as a “flat-pack”. LightSite® is an extra lightweight modular building solution that has been used with great success in telecom and train signalling projects around the world. All building elements are made in a self-supporting sheet-rigid sandwich construction with an integrated framework. LightSite® can be delivered completely factory-assembled and routine tested with technical installations ready to be quickly put into operation on site. The first delivery was made in 2000. Since then more than 10,000 units have been successfully delivered nationally and internationally.

Self-supporting construction


Material rules (standard)

Timber, spruce

Material rules (option)


Outer surface layer (standard)

Painted galvanised sheet steel

Exterior surface layer (option)


Inner surface layer (standard)

Plywood, birch or spruce

Inner surface layer (option)


Maximum length

Approx. 10,0 -12,0 m

Maximum width

Approx. 3,0 – 3,5 m

Maximum height

Approx. 4,2 – 4,5 m

Ambient air environment, ISO 12944

C2 to C5

Durability air environment, ISO 12944

M to H

Ingress protection class, EN 60529

up to IP 55

Construction standard


Electric standard (standard)

IEC, 50/60 Hz

Electric standard (option)