Strong, durable and cost-effective modular building solution in Corten steel based on an ISO-standardised sea freight container. In most cases, the ISO container is manufactured in Asia and shipped with export cargo to Europe after which it is adapted and becomes a ConISO®. After the optimised and carefully considered adaptation, technical equipment can be installed without adversely affecting the load-bearing capacity or safety classification (CSC). With its maintained safety classification, the fully installed container can be transported cost-effectively by lorry, train or container vessel. ConISO® is suitable if the project places demands on serial production with a high delivery flow and short lead times. All technical equipment is safely enclosed against impact from the surrounding environment, only the imagination sets the limit as to what can be installed and delivered fully ready for commissioning. The development of the product ConISO® started in 2008. It was a very attractive challenge to start from an ISO standardised sea freight container and adapt it to enclose technical equipment.

In 2015, the first ConISO module, a 40 ft HC DD, was delivered.

Load-bearing structure min. 1.5 mm (std)

Corten steel

Maximum weight without equipment

Approx. 26 tonnes

Ext. length ISO 681 (std)

20 ft (6 058 mm)

Ext. length ISO 681 (std)

40 ft (12 192 mm)

Ext. length ISO 681 (opt)

45 ft (13 761 mm)

Ext. width, ISO 681 (std)

8 ft (2438 mm)

Ext. width, ISO 681 (opt)

8,2 ft (2500 mm)

Ext. height, ISO 681 (std)

8,6 ft (2 591 mm)

Ext. height, ISO 681 (std)

9,6 ft (2 896 mm)

Ambient air environment, ISO 12944

C3 to C5

Durability air environment, ISO 12944

M to VH

Fire-resistance class, EN 13501 (std I → O)

EI 90/REI 90

Fire-resistance class, EN 13501 (opt)


Ingress protection class, EN 60529

up to IP 55

Construction standard


Electric standard (std)

IEC, 50/60 Hz

Electric standard (opt)