Forklift Truck Driver – Vacancy filled

Working as a forklift truck driver at Jaco

Are you a skilled and experienced forklift truck driver who masters a counterbalanced forklift truck and used to moving heavy goods using extended forks, this is the position for you. At Jaco, you get the opportunity to develop in your role as a forklift truck driver in a team that is characterised by community and team spirit.

The tasks include internal transport by forklift truck within the factory area and participating in the unloading of incoming goods and the loading of outgoing goods. A large part of the transports concerns the handling of larger technical buildings and there may also be lifts of up to 40 tonnes.

For you, it is second nature to take care of and maintain all the trucks/vehicles of the company.

In the role as forklift truck driver the right attitude and commitment are crucial. If you have it, you will do well in the role. We are happy to meet a positive and open individual who can work independently while also enjoying collaborating with colleagues.

Jaco offers you an exciting job in a scenic area about 100 m from the sea in a company that believes that a staff with high job satisfaction is the basis for personal achievement. With us, you get to work with exciting products and have a lot of nice colleagues.

We recommend that you submit your application immediately as we work with an ongoing selection of applicants.
We look forward to receiving your application!