Mining project with focus on sustainable operation 

In close collaboration with world leading company in electrification, automation and digitalization Jaco has received a contract for developing and manufacturing of two complete modular facilities for sustainable mining.

The facilities are delivered in dockable modules of type ModCon® with technical equipment installed and tested before delivery to customer. Each facility consists of four modules, one module for medium voltage, one module for low voltage and aux transformer and two modules equipped with heat exchangers for energy effective cooling of air-cooled frequency converters to operate water pumps by medium voltage motors.

The heat dissipation occurring from the frequency converters amounts to 117 kW per module, the operating room is during most part of the year cooled by outdoor ambient air. The heat dissipation from the frequency converters is recovered by high effective double plate heat exchangers with a dry efficiency of approx. 85%. The recovered heat will be used for heating up nearby buildings used in the mining operation. Delivery of first modular facility in Q2 2023, the second to be delivered in Q4 2023.