Hydrogen project to Germany

Jaco has received an order of two electrical and control modules type ModCon®. The modules that will be installed with technical equipment enabling operation of two gas turbines.
The main purpose with the investment will be to contribute the fast the elimination of lignite independence of electrical power generation. Initially the gas turbines will be operated with natural gas and within a 2 – 3 year period the expectation is to operate the gas turbines with a blend of 30 – 50 % hydrogen. In long term scenario, when hydrogen will be produced and available in larger amount, the goal is to enable operation with 100 % “green” hydrogen, an operation that will feed the German national grid with electrical power fully fossil free. Waste heat generated from operation of the two gas turbines will be recovered and by heat transfer process distributed to the district heating network. An example of the trend to switch to a sustainable society that will ensure good and safe resource availability of electrical energy.